Discussing Cremation With Your Family? Important Points To Ponder

14 October 2022
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Death is one of the only certainties that human beings have in life, which is why it is so important to discuss important end-of-life decisions and make critical decisions well before the need arises. One of these important end-of-life decisions that should be discussed with family concerns the details involved in planning the funeral, especially whether some type of burial is desired or whether cremation is preferred. If you are having this type of important conversation with your family, here are some important points to add to the discussion. 

Maintenance of family gravesites 

Burial sites that are part of a large, community cemetery typically have arrangements in place to ensure that the grounds will be maintained in perpetuity, but those that take place in smaller rural cemeteries often rely on volunteers to handle grass cutting, trimming around headstones and removal of tree limbs and debris.

Families who have previously planned to be interred in a small cemetery may wish to consider cremation, instead of burial, in situations where there is a question about whether the site will be able to be properly maintained well into the future. With cremation, families can choose to inter, or they can choose to store the urn at home, house it in a columbarium, or disperse the cremains according to the wishes of the deceased or their loved ones. 

Financial concerns of the family

Death creates an emotional burden for the family members and close friends of the decedent, but their time for grieving is too often overshadowed by financial concerns about the cost of the funeral. Average costs for a traditional funeral, complete with preparations required to have an open casket viewing, funeral service and traditional burial, can add up to thousands of dollars and create serious difficulties for families who may already be struggling with financial matters.

In most areas of the nation, the decision to use cremation as part of the final arrangements can be an excellent way of relieving much of the financial pressure on these families. The utilization of cremation can allow families to make choices that will reduce their final costs, including the omission of embalming and other body preparations typically required for a traditional funeral service. 

The choice to use cremation can also benefit families who need to consider travel time for relatives and friends who live in other states or another country. Family members can get answers to their questions about cremation by meeting with a caring funeral home director in their area.