Cremation Services: Everything You Need To Know

20 July 2022
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People's attitudes toward death and funerals continue to change as the majority choose cremation over traditional funerals. However, many people are still unaware of the benefits associated with cremation. If you are one, worry less because this article explains cremation and the benefits of seeking cremation services. 

What is Cremation? 

Cremation is an accelerated decomposition of a dead human body through incineration. A body is placed in the cremation chambers and exposed to intense heat for several hours, leaving bones that are gathered crushed and processed, or in other cases, the entire body is burnt to ashes. The ashes are then collected and given to the bereaved family for final send-off rights. Most people have personal reasons for choosing cremation; here are some. 


If you calculate the cost incurred on cremation, you will realize it is less than the cost of a traditional burial. Cremation is cheaper because it eliminates the need for massive purchases like caskets, headstones, cemetery, or gravesite fees. The family can use the resources they would use for the funeral to survive them or plan a meaningful memorial service. Additionally, it is time-efficient since your loved ones do not have to spend much time preparing for a funeral. Making funeral preparations can overwhelm your loved ones when grieving because of the emotional instability. 

Allows Every Family Member to Participate

Cremation allows every family member to participate in the send-off since the ashes can be divided for every family member to scatter or keep. There are small urns in which every family member can hold the remains. Since the urn is portable, your family members can move with it to different locations. It also allows them to keep a physical memory of their deceased. 

Environmentally Friendly

Cremation is environmentally friendly because it does not involve the use of chemicals that potentially cause soil or water pollution. It also helps save land because the remains are either scattered or stored at home; hence do not require burial plots which are getting scarce every day. 


The cremation process is simple as it does not involve coordinating with the cemetery or organizing pallbearers. A memorial or celebration of life ceremony is also optional; hence your loved ones are not subjected to too much pressure when grieving. Additionally, it is flexible since your loved ones have several options on what to do with the ashes. In most cases, the deceased person will have instructed the loved ones on what to do with the ashes before death. 

Take Away

Cremation has become very common today due to benefits like simplicity, flexibility, affordability, and environmental concerns. For more information about cremation, look for cremation services near you. 

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