Resolving Common Concerns When You Are Leaning Toward Cremation

30 November 2021
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The idea of being cremated may appeal to your sense of expediency and frugality. You may prefer this type of final arrangement over the notion of being buried in a casket and vault.

However, at the same time, you may have preferences or religious beliefs that you want to respect, even if you genuinely want to be cremated. You may realize that cremation can be your ideal solution by resolving some of the most pressing concerns that you have about it.

Viewing or Wake Services

You may wonder if you can still have a viewing or wake for your children, grandchildren, and other family members after you die. You may not want their final image of you to be of the ashes that are contained in your urn.

In fact, many funeral homes make available viewing or wake services for people who ultimately want to be cremated. Instead of buying a casket in which to be laid out, you may be given the option of leasing a casket by the hour for your viewing or wake. The rental casket costs less than the price of buying a casket outright for this purpose.

With that, you may still have a viewing or wake for your loved ones to get closure. The viewing or wake can be held a day or two prior to your cremation services taking place.

Religious Services

You also may wonder if you can still have a religious service even if you opt for cremation. Many faiths today are now allowing members to opt for cremation without having to forgo religious rites. They may allow your cremains to be present during the service. Alternatively, they may prefer that your body be present during the service and that you opt for cremation immediately after the religious rites conclude.

Cemetery Burial

Finally, you may not want your family members to keep your cremains displayed in their home. You also may not want your ashes to be scattered. Instead, you may prefer to have them be buried in a cemetery.

Immediately after cremation takes place, your loved ones can place your urn in a small cemetery plot. You can still have a headstone and a physical place where your family can visit you.

Cremation can accommodate some of the pressing concerns that you have about your final arrangements. You may still be able to have a visitation or wake. You also may still receive religious rites and likewise have your cremains placed in a cemetery plot.

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