What Can Funeral Homes Offer To Grieving Families?

7 July 2021
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When a person passes away, they leave their remains behind. Funeral homes help families honor their loved ones' remains through cremation and burial. They also provide other services that are necessary when a beloved family member dies. Here are five things that funeral homes can provide for grieving families:

1. Embalming Services

Embalming is a technique that is used to preserve human remains. Without embalming, human bodies decompose quickly, which poses health hazards for surviving people. Embalming makes things like open-casket funerals possible. Embalming is typically used in combination with other funeral services, such as burials or even cremation. During the embalming process, all of a person's organic fluids are removed and replaced with embalming fluid. If you decide to have an open-casket ceremony, the mortician will apply cosmetics to the remains of your loved one as part of the embalming process.

2. Cremation Services

Some people choose to be cremated following their deaths. Cremation uses very high temperatures to turn human remains into ashes, which are called cremains. Cremation services are one of the most cost-effective funeral services offered by funeral homes. Cremains are inert, so they can be stored inside the home if family members prefer to keep them for memorial purposes.

3. Caskets

Caskets can be used to contain embalmed bodies for burial. They can also be used to display bodies for viewing ceremonies. You can purchase the casket of your choice from a funeral home. Caskets can be made from a number of materials, including bronze, stainless steel, and hardwood. Some environmentally-conscious families even choose biodegradable caskets that will decompose into the earth in due time.

4. Memorials And Headstones

When people are buried, their burial spot is typically marked with a headstone. Headstones are made from durable materials like granite or marble. They're carefully engraved to bear the important information of the people they commemorate, such as names, birth dates, and death dates. Some headstones also feature meaningful quotes or even pictures. You can purchase a headstone from a funeral home. Many funeral homes also sell memorial objects, such as engraved benches or sculptures that can be added to a gravesite.

5. Funeral Services

Finally, most people want to celebrate the life of their deceased loved ones and mourn their passing. Funeral services are the traditional way to remember and grieve with others. Funeral homes offer clients the use of onsite venues and chaplains for memorial services.