Learn Why Cremation Has Become A Popular Option Today

19 January 2021
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Losing a loved one is challenging to everyone, regardless of how well they understand mortality. When a loved one passes on, the only temporary connection you have with them is through the physical body left behind. For centuries, people believed that the best way to give their loved ones a sendoff was by burying the body in its intact state. Some communities and civilizations even attempted to embalm and mummify bodies to preserve them.

However, cremation has gained a lot of popularity over the past few decades. If you are trying to weigh the options between burial and cremation for your loved one, you should choose cremation for the following three reasons.

The Deceased Is Already at Peace

Some people may feel that they would be disrespecting their loved one by cremating them. However, this isn't true. Cremation is a gentle and painless way of carrying out a process that nature would still carry out if you buried your loved one. Therefore, don't feel you will hurt your loved one by cremating their body. Once the cremation process is complete, you can request to have a portion of the ashes close to you as a memory.

Cremation Is Cost-Effective

To bury your loved one, you will need money for the casket, grave, headstone, and transport. You will also have to pay the mortician, gravediggers, and the venue you choose for the requiem mass and the viewing of the body. These costs can pile up, especially if your loved one suffered a long illness and did not have a life insurance or burial plans in place. However, the cremation process only needs you to have the fee for the process and buy an urn. The process is cheaper and less stressful than the burial.

You Get a Customized Sendoff

Burials follow a similar pattern; a casket, viewing the body, and perhaps a headstone. Cremation, however, allows you to pick the type of urn to put the ashes. It also allows you to decide whether to bury the ashes, scatter them to the wind or at the sea, or even keep them at home. You can also customize the urn or even the cremation service if you want to do it.

These are a few of the reasons you can choose to cremate your loved one. Look for a funeral home and find out if they offer cremation services. Assess their crematorium and whether it will help you give your loved one a perfect sendoff.