How To Honor Your Loved One's Memory At A Memorial Service

28 December 2020
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Memorial services can provide a lot of help for the living. For many people, the memorial service is a chance to say goodbye and an opportunity to be around others who can share positive memories about the deceased and spend time reminiscing. The memorial helps the grieving process.

If you are looking for ways to honor the deceased, these ideas will help you decide what to do for the memorial.

Memorial Books Can Provide Great Memories

If you have the time to order photo books to hand out at the service, they have a comforting premise. They provide great keepsakes and allow each person to have something to remember their loved one by. The books can feature the photos you choose and that best represent your loved one.

Share a Meal After the Service

You may also plan for another part of the service for those who want to reconnect. The meal can be a potluck or catered service, and it can be focused on sharing positive memories of your loved one and ensuring that everybody has the opportunity to discuss the loss.

Choose a Location You Love

Your memorial service can be anywhere. You may have a memorial service at a funeral home, beautifully decorated with your loved one in mind, or at an outdoor space. Planning ahead allows you to choose a location that your loved one would approve of for the service.

Allow Guests to Speak

Arranging speakers can feel stressful, but you might also invite anybody attending the service to speak if they feel compelled to do so. You can arrange this ahead of time or simply invite anybody interested in singing a song, reading a poem, or saying a few kind words about your loved one.

Plan Music or Videos

Memorial services also work well when you have music playing or you have a slideshow of photos or videos playing. Feature your loved one's image so that others can laugh, cry, and otherwise share their feelings. Photos can help evoke emotions that help people remember your loved one at their best.

Choose a Funeral Home That Listens to Your Needs

Finally, make sure you choose a funeral home that listens to your needs and does its best to provide you with answers to your questions so that you can plan accordingly. Meet with a memorial service planner or funeral home today to learn more about your options.