Funeral Planning: What To Talk About

19 October 2020
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You can do your funeral planning before anyone passes away, making the funeral services much easier for loved ones left behind to appreciate later. Prearranged funerals are common, and if this is something you're thinking about, you can save a lot of time and money by taking care of these proceedings now. What you pay for funeral services today will not change when the services are finally needed, saving money for everyone involved and giving you the peace of mind knowing your services are taken care of even before you pass on.

What should you talk about when it comes to funeral planning? Your funeral services will be provided by the chosen funeral director, and the following things will be taken care of when you do your funeral planning.

Your budget

How much do you want to spend on flowers? A casket? Urn, if you choose cremation over traditional embalming? How much do you have available for funeral announcements, and do you want to have a custom headstone made, or does your budget not allow for one?

Picking your budget as you discuss your funeral services will help narrow down your options so the best solution for your family can be found. Your funeral director will show you the available funeral packages they have within your budget or can show you itemized prices for certain funeral items if you want to have a more custom funeral.

Your preferences

You can choose to have a traditional burial when you have your funeral services planned, complete with a viewing. You can choose closed or open casket for the viewing, if applicable. If you wish to be cremated, this can be discussed as well, as well as what type of funeral services you prefer with cremation.

You can also discuss with your funeral director whether you want to have graveside services or if you want to have a traditional funeral in-house. Where do you want to have your funeral? Do you want music, and if so, what music? Any other special requests? These details can be put in your funeral planning contract so your family and funeral director can ensure your funeral goes the way you want it to and nobody has to worry about making future arrangements on your behalf.

Write down the things you want to discuss about funeral planning so you don't leave anything out. Your funeral services can be updated as needed if you come up with additions or need to take something out later. Your funeral director will work with you to make your funeral planning as easy and convenient as possible.

To get started with funeral planning, reach out to a local funeral home.