Death in the Time of a Pandemic: Funeral Broadcasting Is an Option

29 July 2020
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Pandemics have a way of changing nearly every facet of life, even when it comes to matters involving death. For the sake of social distancing and health and safety, many families have been forced to endure non-traditional funeral services, if not having to cancel the service altogether. However, celebrating the life of a deceased person is very important. Fortunately, some services now provide grieving families with the opportunity to broadcast their services online. Learn more about this process.

Traditional Services

Although the experience may be slightly different, a service that is broadcasted is no different from a traditional outline, at its core. As a result, there is no need to worry that you have to change the format of the service to suit online viewing. Whether you planned to have a solo, someone gives remarks or a eulogy, or you simply want to offer people an opportunity to hear stories about the deceased, you can follow whatever outline for the service you would like.


Not only is funeral broadcasting a way to keep everyone safe and protected; it can provide your family with a cost-effective alternative. For family members that are located out of the area, there are no travel costs since they can watch the service from the comfort of their home. If you planned to have programs printed for the service, by broadcasting the service and hosting virtually, you no longer have to worry about incurring these costs. 

Private or Public Options

If you have concerns about maintaining the same level of intimacy that you would with in-person services, you should also not worry about this element. Funeral broadcasting services can conduct services on a public platform, which means that any person with the proper URL link can view the services, or they can be conducted privately. With a private service, the broadcast is protected with a password so only those individuals who have a password will have the opportunity to view the service.

An Important Part of the Process

It cannot be understated just how important a funeral is in the grieving process. For many people, it is the time to reflect on the life of the deceased to say a final goodbye, and most importantly, to honor their life and legacy. The ability to engage in this important process should never be taken away from any family. With the option to broadcast a service, your family can partake in this important experience, no matter what is going on in the world.  

Funeral broadcasting is available on several platforms with several options. Speak with a representative for greater detail.