Common Things That Take Place at a Funeral Memorial Service

3 June 2020
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Funerals give loved ones the opportunity to say their goodbyes to the person who has passed away. While the basic idea of a funeral has remained the same over many years, modern-day funerals have shifted into a memorial and funeral combination. A memorial funeral tends to involve everything of a typical funeral, but will also often include other things meant to memorialize the departed. Here is a look at a few of the common things that take place at a modern-day funeral memorial. 

Loved ones get the opportunity to deliver eulogies. 

Eulogies are expressions of admiration for someone who has passed on. Typically, loved ones who wish to write a eulogy will do so and have it prepared for the service. During the funeral memorial service, anyone who has a eulogy to deliver will get the opportunity to do so. The eulogies may be delivered periodically at different points or in full succession by different people near the end of the service. 

Live musicians may play music or sing songs. 

Over the years, music has become a commonality among all types of funeral and memorial services. Whether it is simply picking songs to be played by a musician or playing them from a device, most funeral memorials will involve some form of music. Many modern services will include some kind of live performance, such as someone playing a song on the piano or singing a favorite hymn.

Someone may read something inspirational in memory of the deceased. 

Inspirational reading is a common thing at most funeral memorial services. Depending on what the departed would have appreciated, the guests may select things to be read, such as:

  • scriptures from a religious book like the Bible or Torah 
  • literature from the departed's favorite book 
  • poems the departed admired or that signify the occasion 

It is also not uncommon for some memorial services to involve the reading of letters from loved ones or written memories that people in the group have shared. 

Loved ones may say prayers for the departed. 

Many families share specific spiritual beliefs, and prayer is a big part of most funeral memorial services because of that reason. Throughout the service, it is common for various individuals to lead the group in prayer. Some families will have a specific clergy come in to lead prayer efforts, whether it is a preacher, pastor, priest, or another pertinent individual. 

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