What Happens If You Can't Afford A Funeral For An Unexpected Loss?

21 January 2020
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Ideally, everyone who came to the end of their life would already have their funeral arrangements made and paid for or would have life insurance to help cover the costs of the funeral service. Unfortunately, death is not always an expected thing, and this can leave the closest living relatives having to pay for the funeral services on their own. In the event the family members do not have the funds to cover the cost of a traditional funeral service, there may be some things that can take place that can help. Here is a look at a few ideas to keep in mind. 

Find out if the funeral home offers any type of financing. 

Some funeral homes do have financing programs available. If the funeral home offers financing, they likely will not handle the loan in-house; they will work with a local financing agency like a finance company or a bank. An individual will have to qualify for a credit line, which technically means this individual becomes wholly responsible for paying for the bill. 

Consider going for a less-expensive alternative. 

Traditional funerals can be expensive, but the cost can have a lot to do with the options chosen. For example, opting for a higher-end casket can drive up the costs, and opting for a visitation and a funeral service can drive up the costs as well. You may also be able to arrange for just a graveside service instead of a funeral, which can be considerably less expensive. 

Talk to the local coroner to find out about local programs. 

In some locations, the local government will step in and help when someone passes away and they either have no relatives or no relatives who can afford to pay for a funeral. There can be funding from private entities within the community, such as churches or community organizations. In the event that these programs for funding are not available, the local government may offer to cremate the individual. 

Find out if the deceased can be held until the funds are available. 

If you just need a bit of time to come up with enough money for a funeral, you may be able to make arrangements for the deceased loved one to be held at the local morgue until funds are available. Keep in mind, however, that holding fees can accumulate by the day, so you may have that cost in addition to the funeral. 

To learn more about potential funeral services, contact a funeral home near you.