Are You Ready To Begin Planning Your Funeral Services? 4 Tips To Make Sure Your Family Knows How To Follow Your Last Wishes

13 January 2020
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Taking the initiative with funeral planning allows you to spare your loved ones from being forced to make challenging decisions during a difficult time. You may also have specific preferences for your funeral that are based upon your religious beliefs or family traditions, and doing your own planning helps to make sure that these things are carried out. You'll also likely find that knowing what happens after you are gone brings a sense of relief that helps to ease any fears that you have about the end of life. While planning ahead is smart, you also want to use these four tips to make sure that your family knows what to do when the time comes.

Think Long Range When You Select a Funeral Home

In most cases, it could be many years before your family needs to follow through with your plans. For this reason, you want to look for funeral homes that are well-established and expected to stay in business. When you work with the funeral planner, you may also want to do things such as purchase an extra burial plot near yours if you might get married in the future. 

Talk About Your Funeral Preferences

You'll also want to talk to your loved ones about what you planned. Hearing your reasons for doing things such as picking a special song can make it more meaningful when they attend your funeral services. You can also use this time to share information about the funeral home that you selected along with how and when to contact them to activate the plan.

Let Them Know If You Are Comfortable With Their Additions

Families often prefer to put some of their input into funeral services. For example, your children may want to say a poem or share a special message that they have written about you. If you are open to having your family make changes to your plans, then let them know. You will also want to let them know if there are any parts of your plan that you want to be left alone, such as having a specific person give your eulogy.

Provide Them With Copies of Your Plans

Finally, you will want to make sure that the people who will be carrying out your wishes know exactly what to do. Your funeral home can give you a printed copy of your plans that includes details such as the contact information for the person that they need to talk to when it is time for your funeral services.