Customizations You Can Add To Headstones And Grave Markers

10 January 2020
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Custom engraved grave markers and headstones can be a bit confusing. After all, your headstone is going to have your information on it, and no one else in the entire cemetery is going to have exactly the same information! However, there are customizations you can add beyond your personalization of your headstone or grave marker. Here are a few ideas to show what you can do if you are curious.

Religious Symbols

Unusual though it may sound, religious symbols are not automatic gravestone decorations. That is because many such symbols are associated with different religions, and imprinting something associated with Catholicism on a grave marker meant for a Protestant would probably not go over well. Likewise, Christian symbols on markers for people who are Jewish may not be well-received either, so symbols are left off unless requested by you prior to your passing or requested by family members after your passing. This definitely includes any representations of Mary or the saints as engraved on the stones. 

Symbols That Only Mean Something to You or the Deceased

You have probably seen personalized license plates that make zero sense when you are trying to read them aloud. However, to the person that owns those plates and drives around in the car with those plates, it makes perfect sense and means something to him/her. Likewise, you can bring in drawings or submit words and phrases that only mean something to you (or to the deceased if you are purchasing a gravestone/marker for the deceased). These drawings, words, or phrases can be recreated on the stone with special tools or on metal plaques if you will not have a stone marker. 

Wraparound Text

Maybe what you want a stone to say is much more than the space available on the front of the stone allows for. In that case, you can engrave a stone marker with wraparound text. The text starts on the front of the stone, wraps around to the back of the stone, comes full circle to the front of the stone, and continues until the total sum of the text to be engraved is complete. If you have a large enough stone marker, you could essentially engrave an entire lengthy obituary on the faces of the stone marker, if you wanted to. 

Engraved Metal Set Inside the Stone Marker

You can also engrave a metal plaque with finer script to fit more onto the marker. Then the metal plaque is set into the stone marker. Some people who love minimalism without missing details love this idea. Contact a company like Norman's Memorials to get started.