Outlining Your Final Wishes? Two Reasons To Purchase Your Cemetery Headstone In Advance

9 January 2020
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Planning out your final wishes is a beautiful thing. Just taking the time to outline your plans shows that you care about those you'll leave behind. Instead of having to make heavy decisions while in mourning, your friends and loved ones can focus on grieving and celebrating the life that you lived. If you plan to have a traditional burial, you may have already found the perfect resting place and purchased your burial plot. However, have you given some thought to your headstone? If not, here are two compelling reasons why you should purchase your cemetery headstone right now.

Inscribe The Headstone Your Way

You are a unique individual with your own thoughts and ideas. Witty quotes might come naturally to you, and friends may appreciate your quirky sense of humor. Why not let this same banter extend on after you're gone? It's a lasting sendoff that could mean so much to many.

Purchasing your headstone in advance gives you the opportunity to leave a meaningful last impression. "Rest In Peace" may be sufficient for some, but you want your final message to say more than that. Maybe you're known for making a particular statement after someone makes a sarcastic remark or your punchlines leave others bursting at the seams with laughter. If you buy your headstone now, you may have some time to develop an inscription that sends a ray of hope to anyone who sees it.

Spare Your Loved Ones The Expense

There really is no way to tell when death will come calling. While you would like to think that you will live until a ripe old age, the future is uncertain. What would happen if you passed away unexpectedly? Are you surrounded by people who have the means to purchase a headstone at a moment's notice? If not, it's best to get your headstone right now.

Trying to come up with money at the last minute can be tough. Your family and friends probably have pressing financial concerns of their own and may not have enough extra cash to contribute to a headstone. It can come as quite a relief to loved ones to learn that you had the foresight to purchase a headstone before you slipped away.

Make your final plans and wishes complete. Call up a local funeral home and make an appointment to view the headstones and choose the one that works for you.