Three Ways To Personalize A Loved One's Memorial Service

6 January 2020
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Losing a loved one is never easy, but the grieving process is often made more difficult when you are the one left to plan the funeral services. Many funeral services are cookie-cutter plans that seem to follow the same basic outline. However, not everyone is the cookie-cutter type of person. If you're planning a funeral service that you want to truly represent the person you're planning it for, it's time to start thinking about some unique and personalized memorial components.

Incorporate A Favorite Hobby

If your loved one had a favorite hobby, such as playing a sport, you can make the memorial service more personalized by incorporating that hobby in the memorial plan. For example, for someone who played baseball, you could hold the memorial service on the baseball field where he or she played most often. For someone known for a love of running, you could make the funeral procession a memorial run and/or walk from the funeral home to the graveside service. Incorporating their favorite hobby or what they are known for in this manner can help to make the memorial service much more representative of the deceased.

Build A Memory Bank

Whether you create a large noticeboard where people can leave their thoughts or you set up a table with a jar for people to write more private memories of the deceased, a memory bank is a great idea for personalizing a memorial service.

The idea of a memory bank is that it allows each memorial attendee to share something that they will always remember about the deceased or a favorite memory they have of something that they did together. After the service is over, you and your family will have a great collection of memories of your loved one, and you can even allow people to share those memories during the service.

Offer Tokens Of The Deceased's Memory

Another great way to personalize a memorial service is to offer a token of the deceased's memory to each attendee of the service. For example, for someone who loved the outdoors and enjoyed gardening, you could give out small containers of seeds with a memorial note and a small garden stone.

Memorial stones, which are small gemstones designed with memorial sayings, are another great option for memory tokens. You could have the deceased's name and vital dates engraved on the back of the stone, opposite the memorial setting, then each guest at the memorial service could take one home as a way to remember him or her.

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