Have You Decided To Plan Your Own Intimate Cremation Service?

6 January 2020
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Are you the kind of person who doesn't enjoy a great deal of personal attention? Maybe your circle of friends is very small, and you are closest to your immediate family and your extended family. If that's the case, you probably don't want a lot of fanfare when you pass away. In fact, whether you are still relatively young and healthy, or whether you are old and realizing that your time on earth is limited, maybe you have chosen to plan your own cremation service. If that's the case, maybe you are looking for ideas that will make the service meaningful and memorable to those who attend. Here are some ideas that might help you:

The Speakers - Since your cremation service will be a small one, it might be nice to open the floor to anybody who wants to share memories of times spent in your company. Another idea is to ask your immediate family to be the speakers. Are you a church attender? If so, perhaps  the ecclesiastic leader who is the head of your congregation to share your ideas on the afterlife. Write those thoughts down exactly as you would want them to be shared so that they'll be available at the time of your death.

Perhaps you will be the voice at your funeral, even if you have passed away. Think of writing about your life from the time you were little until present time, including hobbies and other interests. The letter could also include words of gratitude and affection to those who are left behind. 

Besides the words that will be spoken at your cremation service, maybe you would like to leave individual letters to those who are closest to you. Can you imagine how touched your children, grandchildren and your dearest friends will be when they find out that you have written specifically to them? If you have favorite pictures of you with those individuals, think of including them with the letter that is meant just for them. 

Think of other things that are important to you in regard to your passing away. For example, maybe you don't want people to spend money on flowers that will soon die. Do you have a favorite charity? If so, those who are left to arrange for your cremation service could put out the word that donations made to that charity would be preferable, instead of flowers.

Be sure to tell two or three people where all of your notes and other documents are so they can access them at the time of your death.

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