Reasons For And Against Cremation

31 December 2019
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Did a loved one recently pass away without expressing any desires about what they wanted for their funeral? If so, you're likely debating whether you should go through the cremation process rather than a traditional burial. Here are some reasons for and against cremation so that you can make a well-informed decision. 

Benefits of Cremation

One reason that many people decide to go through the cremation process is the cost. Overall, cremation is going to be much less expensive than a traditional burial. There is no need to get a cemetery plot, buy a casket, have the body embalmed, or purchase a headstone. There will be the cost to handle the cremation of the body and the urn that the ashes will go into.

When you decide to use cremation, you'll have a lot more time to figure out what you want to do for the memorial service. If your loved one is living in a state where no other relatives are located, you can easily take the ashes with you to host a local memorial service. It is also possible to delay a memorial service until much later in the future if you want to have it at a different time of year. For instance, it may be too difficult to plan a memorial service around the holidays when everyone is traveling. 

Cons of Cremation

The first thing you should consider is whether there are any religious reasons that the person would not want to be cremated. For example, they may not have explicitly stated that they did not want to be cremated, but being of Jewish faith means that they should have their body buried.

It is also possible that cremation is not a practical option for you. While you'll certainly find a crematorium near a major city, there are rural parts of the country that may not have one. This creates a logistical issue where you are unable to transport the body to a place to be cremated. 

There may be other family members that are very firmly against cremation, and having a conflict about such a sensitive issue may not be worth it. This may be due to people having their own religious beliefs and wanting to express those by requesting that their loved one is buried. 

Want more information about cremation services? Reach out to a local funeral home in your area to learn more.