Plan A Graveside Service For Your Deceased Spouse

30 December 2019
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It is very difficult to lose a loved one during the holiday season. If you have lost your spouse during this time, maybe you can lift yourself and others up by planning an uplifting and sentimental graveside service. By doing that, in future years the sweetness of the service might help you to remember the good times you shared.

Are you looking for ideas on how to plan a beautiful graveside service? If so, these ideas might be a great help to you.

If you are planning a graveside service rather than a service held at a church or at a funeral home, maybe that means that only close friends and your family members will be in attendance. Ahead of time, ask each person to be part of the service. Ask them to do one of two things. The first thing would be that they could share a story of a special time spent with your spouse. The second thing would be that they would bring an object that reminds the participant of a quality your spouse was known for.

  • For example, a friend from college days might share a funny anecdote of something he or she did with your spouse.
  • One of your children might tell how your spouse would always read bedtime stories and sing a bedtime song. 
  • Somebody might bring a dog statue because he or she considered that your spouse was a loyal and devoted friend.
  • You yourself might show a picture of your immediate family and tell how your spouse touched each family member's life.

Think of ordering a custom grave headstone that will be placed on your spouse's resting place after the service is over. Those who attended the graveside service may want to stay until the very end when the headstone is secured on your spouse's grave. 

A granite or marble headstone is affordable and will last for many, many years, even long after you have passed away yourself. Besides your spouse's name, birth date and death date, think of how you could personalize it. For instance, maybe you have a picture of your spouse as part of the design. Choose a picture that your spouse would have selected if he or she were present. For instance, maybe there is a picture of your spouse wearing a cowboy hat that he or she wore very often. That would be a perfect selection.

Significant words might also be added to the headstone. For example, you might choose something like, Til We Meet Again or Always Remembered In Sweetness as the engraved words.

Consider having attendants sing a song at the end of the service. Bring printed sheets with the words to the song so that all can participate. Call on somebody very close to your spouse to say a dedicatory prayer on the graveside. The prayer might also serve as a benediction before all of you leave.

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