What Type Of Cremation Urns Are Available?

26 December 2019
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As cremation becomes more popular, there are also cremation services that are offering a broader variety of cremation urns. Not only can you purchase an urn for your loved one's ashes to be kept in, but there are also lockets for ashes to be kept in and various other methods of storage for ashes. 

Temporary Urns

When you are collecting the remains of the deceased, you'll need to at least have a temporary urn. You may simply want an urn to hold your loved one in until you can scatter their ashes. However, other families choose to hold onto the loved one in a cremation urn in their home. Others plan to bury the ashes and need an urn to store the ashes in as they are buried.

Eco Urns

If you are environmentally conscious, one of the newer types of urns available is the biodegradable urn. These urns have become more environmentally friendly with time and will decompose. Some even come with a tree inside that will grow and your loved one will become a part of the tree. This is great if your plan is to bury the urn. 

Scattering Urns

When you will be burying the ashes at sea, you'll want to use a water-scattering urn because this is biodegradable and you can place the urn in the water without having to worry about the lid coming off and the ashes scattering everywhere. If you intend to let the ashes blow in the wind, a pouring urn is better because it will make it more convenient. 

Urns for Display

When your plan is to display the urn in your home, the appearance of the urn becomes much more important since you will be seeing the urn every day. However, the urn that is right for your home is based on your home decor and also your personal taste. You might also want to take into consideration the personality of your loved one. If you will be displaying the urn in an outdoor setting, you will not want to use a wooden urn because this will be less durable. Copper, bronze, ceramic, porcelain, and marble urns are much more durable.

Urns do not have to be in the shape of a traditional urn. For example, there is one type of urn that is shaped like praying hands. If your loved one was in the military, you may wish to use a military-themed urn. Regardless of what you choose, as long as you're happy with your choice, you have made the right decision.

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