How Are Cremation Ashes Added To Jewelry?

26 December 2019
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Sometimes, loved ones will store cremation ashes in a scattering urn and later scatter these ashes in the ocean or in a sentimental place. In other cases, cremation ashes are kept in an urn and placed on display. But many are surprised to learn that you can even place cremation ashes inside a piece of jewelry. 

Cremation Jewelry Containers

Cremation jewelry is essentially an ornate container that you can wear around your neck. The inside of the jewelry is hollow so you can fit cremation ashes inside. A tiny amount of ashes are funneled into the jewelry so that the ashes can then be carried around.

Jewelry Designs

The most common shape for this type of jewelry is a pendant. However, there are several other shapes to choose from, including the following:

  • Hearts
  • Butterflies
  • Letters
  • Crosses
  • Teardrops

When you look at the variety of cremation jewelry that is available, it will be much easier to find the right piece of jewelry for you.

Cremation Ashes as a Building Block

If you do not want the ashes to be contained within a hollow vessel, a more sophisticated approach is to have ashes incorporated into the structure of your jewelry. By doing this, you'll have the ashes mixed in with the metal, glass or porcelain that was used to create your jewelry. However, this approach takes longer and is more expensive. 

You can even have your cremation ashes turned into a diamond or crystal. This is achieved by placing the ashes in a metal container and heating the ashes to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. This leads to all of the ashes oxidizing, apart from the carbon. The ashes are heated until they are turned into graphite and the graphite is then placed in a diamond seed crystal.

The most common piece of jewelry that cremation ashes are kept in is a necklace. However, you can choose to keep your cremation ashes in a bracelet, earring or a ring. Therefore, if there is a piece of jewelry that you prefer more, make sure to look into it.

Cremation jewelry can help you feel comforted that you have a piece of your loved one with you at all times. You could choose to keep the meaning of the cremation jewelry to yourself or you could choose to share the story of the jewelry with others. It can be an opportunity for you to talk about someone who was important to you.

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