Are You Planning The Funeral Service For Your Deceased Wife?

22 December 2019
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If your wife recently passed away, obviously you are grieving. The fact that she died around the Christmas holidays must make your sadness even greater. Did your wife request to be cremated? If so, perhaps you are looking for ideas that will make her cremation service dignified and memorable. You've come to the right place to get ideas that will help you.

Do you feel comfortable being the main speaker at your wife's cremation service? Maybe you have children who would also like to take part in the service. If you and your children will be dividing up the speaking parts, be sure that you don't all tell the same anecdotes. Would any of your children be more comfortable reading one of your wife's favorite scriptures or an inspiring poem? 

Maybe each of your family members is grieving too much to speak at the cremation service. If that's the case, siblings or your wife's closest friends would more than likely be very honored to be asked to participate in the funeral. Maybe the final speaker could be your ecclesiastic leader. He or she might share your views on the afterlife in a sweet and positive way.

The music at your wife's funeral is an important part of the service, too. Consider what the music she would have loved as part of the service.

  1. If your wife was a devout Christian, perhaps going with something traditional like How Great Thou Art or Amazing Grace would be good selections. 
  2. Maybe you want to show everybody the great love you had for your wife. If so, maybe you'll select a song like All I Have To Do Is Dream, made famous by the Every Brothers.
  3. Remember that instrumental music is always appropriate at a cremation service. With that in mind, you could have a violin trio or a piano solo, or a combination of both.
  4. If you do go with instrumental music, pick songs your wife loved. For example, if she loved classical music, go with that.

Will you also be selecting a monument for your wife's ashes? Think of choosing a bench in her honor. In years to come, the bench could be a place where you can sit and reflect on the time you shared with your beloved companion.

Another idea is to select a granite monument that has a picture of your wife as part of the design. Besides your wife's name, her birth date and the date she died, think of having dedicatory words as part of the monument design. For instance, the simple words, Always Remembered would be a perfect choice.