3 Reasons You Should Make Your Own Funeral Arrangements

23 August 2023
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If you are like many people, you may find the idea of making your own funeral arrangements to be a bit uncomfortable. The reason for this is simple: people do not like to address their own mortality. However, while the discomfort that comes with addressing this topic is understandable, there are many reasons why you should push past this discomfort and explore the option of making your own funeral arrangements. Read More 

Tips For Planning A Funeral On A Budget

18 May 2023
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If you are in charge of planning a funeral and you are concerned about the cost of everything, you will want to keep reading. There are tips you can make use of in order to reduce the expense of funeral services. Here are some of them for you to take into consideration: You Don't Have To Have A Viewing Just because you are opting for a burial does not mean you have to hold a viewing for friends, family, or anyone else. Read More 

Are There Rules For Scattering Ashes At Sea?

23 January 2023
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If you are setting up end-of-life planning, such as completing a living will and establishing a healthcare proxy, you may also be looking at funeral arrangements. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, cremation services are becoming more popular than burials—the association predicts that in 20 years time, cremation will make up nearly 80 percent of people's choice for funeral services. There are many advantages of cremation over burial, such as being eco-friendly and more affordable. Read More 

Discussing Cremation With Your Family? Important Points To Ponder

14 October 2022
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Death is one of the only certainties that human beings have in life, which is why it is so important to discuss important end-of-life decisions and make critical decisions well before the need arises. One of these important end-of-life decisions that should be discussed with family concerns the details involved in planning the funeral, especially whether some type of burial is desired or whether cremation is preferred. If you are having this type of important conversation with your family, here are some important points to add to the discussion. Read More 

Cremation Services: Everything You Need To Know

20 July 2022
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People's attitudes toward death and funerals continue to change as the majority choose cremation over traditional funerals. However, many people are still unaware of the benefits associated with cremation. If you are one, worry less because this article explains cremation and the benefits of seeking cremation services.  What is Cremation?  Cremation is an accelerated decomposition of a dead human body through incineration. A body is placed in the cremation chambers and exposed to intense heat for several hours, leaving bones that are gathered crushed and processed, or in other cases, the entire body is burnt to ashes. Read More